All about me

Hello! I’m Becky Beach,
a PLR designer and coach who specializes in helping printable and self-publishing entrepreneurs reach their visions and dreams. Starting a digital product and self-publishing business is hard. Maintaining and growing it is harder. Whether you’re thinking about jumping into the entrepreneurial world, you’re just beginning your journey, or you’re up to your ears in all-things entrepreneur, I’m here to help you pave the way toward your visions and goals.


What my clients say


Becky is not only an incredible teacher and one of the top business coaches, but she's the type of person that actually inspires you to become a better person as well. She’s amazing!

Kathy L.


Becky inspires me to succeed in my business and is extremely knowledgeable in digital products and PLR

Harriet M.


From the moment that I first heard Becky teach on her Facebook page, I knew that she was indeed the ‘real deal’ with a plethora of experience, knowledge, and most important authenticity. Not only is she proficient in Powerpoint, Amazon, and Facebook, but she dominates the Pinterest scene like a Boss!

Not only is she happy and willing to share her skills and impart her knowledge, but she is dedicated and able to support her clients on their entrepreneurial journeys. Her wisdom comes through in much of her training. 

I was so grateful to find a coach in Becky. She’s a wonderful ally to have on your side and your business.

 ~ Sky Weishar

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