Finally, a training on creating and selling pet-themed printables!

Chew off a piece of the multiple billion-dollar pet market by selling

pet-themed printables!


Are you chasing your tail over trying to sell printables?

Does this sound like you?

  • Not getting any treats (money)
  • You're a fraidy cat when it comes to selling and creating printables
  • No hoomans are buying your stuff
  • Can't think of printable ideas that sell
  • Don't know how to do keyword research
  • All paws when it comes to social media promotion

Start wagging your tail because there is hope!

Unleash the Power of Paw-fect Printables!

Paw-fect Printables is a paws-on actionable training that will make creating

pet-themed printables fun and easy.

  • How to create pet-themed products that get high search volume on Etsy
  • Keyword research for pet-themed products
  • How to promote your pet-themed products on social media
  • BONUS: Get all the pet-themed products created during the training with MRR (master resale license).
  • BONUS: $20 off coupon for PLR on ($20 value)
  • BONUS: AI New Year's Printables Mastermind ($97 value)
  • BONUS: Visionary You Commercial Use Canva Template ($17 value)

You will be purring with delight over all the paw-fits you will gain!

Check out this cat care planner in my store that sells like hotcakes:

$281 Value

Only $147

What others are saying...

You get Training and BONUSES!

  • Paw-fect Printables Training ($147 value)
  • BONUS: All the products created during the training with an MRR license.
  • BONUS: $20 off coupon for PLR on ($20 value)
  • BONUS: AI New Year's Printables Mastermind ($97 value)
  • BONUS: Visionary You Commercial Use Canva Template ($17 value)

What are you waiting for?

$281 Value

Only $147

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Hi, I'm Becky

I'm a mom of a wonderful 8-year-old boy and a multiple 6-figure digital products business owner. It is my passion to help other people build their own 6-figure and beyond businesses.

I run the popular blog,, where I help moms find success and balance. I have both personal use ( and commercial use ( printable stores. My coaching website is!

I have made over $1 million dollars selling printables and other digital products.

Now, it is my turn to help YOU do the same for your business!

In September of 2021, I was able to quit my job and run my business full-time! I'm so thrilled to help you in your quest to be a successful digital products business owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't afford this training!

Your actual statement should be, "How can I afford not to take this training?". Pet-themed printables sell great on Etsy and other platforms. Buying the live training alone will not guarantee success unless you put in the work.

Are the AI tools expensive?

I use ChatGPT, which has a free plan. For the clipart and stickers, I use Midjourney which is very low cost at $10 a month.

Do you offer refunds?

No refunds will be given since this is a live and recorded training. You also get an instantly delivered $20 coupon, bonus training, and Canva template with an MRR license that can't be returned.

I don't have time for this training!

You can watch this training on your own time since it is recorded. You get lifetime access, and there is no date when you have to finish.

Can I resell this training?

This training is personal-use only and can't be resold as PLR or commercial-use.

What else do I get?

You get the course slides all the products created during the training with MRR. You also get 3 bonuses: $20 off coupon, AI New Year's Printables Mastermind, and Visionary You Canva Template. You can sell the products as MRR, PLR, or personal use.

I have another question!

Please email me at and I will get back with you within 24 hours.

HURRY! This recorded training is only available for a limited time!

$281 Value

Only $147

No refund policy: No refunds will be given as this is a digital course that can't be returned!

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