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Are you selling products that have too much competition?

Does this sound like you?

  • You're not making many sales because your niche is too saturated.
  • Your products lack proper design skills.
  • It's taking you too long to create a single product, only to get no sales.
  • You aren't getting any traffic because no one is searching for your digital products.
  • You want to help people who want to promote their life events.
  • You are ready to throw in the towel on your digital product business

Introducing Dynamic Designs for Life's Events!

Dynamic Designs for Life's Events is a comprehensive course that shows you step-by-step how to create and sell customizable animated invitations and announcements for Smartphones and Social Media!

Why sell customizable digital animated invites and announcements?

  • The Rise of Digital Invitations: We've seen a significant shift towards digital invitations in recent years. They're eco-friendly, cost-effective, and incredibly convenient, allowing hosts to manage their events easily. With the world becoming more environmentally conscious, digital invitations are also a way to reduce paper waste.
  • The Demand for Personalization: There's something special about receiving an invitation that feels like it was made just for you. Customizable templates allow customers to inject their personality into their announcements and invitations, making the event feel more intimate and special. This demand for personalization is not just a trend; it's a growing expectation among consumers.
  • Canva's Accessibility: Canva has democratized design, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their design skills. Creating templates on this platform allows you to tap into a vast market of users looking for easy-to-use solutions. Canva's user-friendly interface means more people are willing to try customization, increasing your templates' potential customer base.
  • Social Media Integration: In today's world, events and announcements often find their way to social media. Customizable animated invitations are perfect for sharing on Instagram Reels, TikTok, Facebook Stories, YouTube Shorts, and WhatsApp platforms. They can create buzz around an event and are more engaging than static images, potentially increasing RSVP rates.
  • A New Avenue for Creatives: This is an opportunity to diversify income streams for graphic designers and creatives. The digital product market is booming, and animated invitations and announcements represent a niche combining creativity and utility. Plus, selling digital products like Canva templates can generate passive income—design once and sell indefinitely.
  • Evergreen and Seasonal Potential: Invitations and announcements cover various events—weddings, birthdays, funerals, baby showers, and more. This means there's always demand. Additionally, you can create seasonal templates for holidays and special occasions, ensuring your product offerings stay fresh and relevant.
  • Low Overhead Costs: Digital products have the advantage of low overhead costs. Once your templates are created, there are no manufacturing or shipping expenses. Your main focus will be marketing and customer service, making it a relatively low-risk venture.

Overall, selling digital invites and announcements not only presents a viable business opportunity but also allows you to provide a meaningful service during people's precious life events!

My Journey to Success:

Since selling digital products myself, I have grown my business to well over a million dollars in revenue.

My secret is that I pick niches that are in demand and have low competition.

When I stumbled upon the digital animated invite and announcement niche, I was extremely intrigued.

See the Possibilities for Yourself:

Sellers on Etsy are providing a meaningful service to people with one invite or announcement that they can customize in Canva and then deliver via their smartphone or social media:

Look how in-demand digital invites and announcements are via my research tool, Sales Samurai. SV is search views a month:

Embark on Your Profitable Creative Journey:

While others hesitate, perplexed by the nuances of creating digital invites, "Dynamic Designs for Life's Events" offers you a clear path forward.

With our step-by-step video tutorials and bonus templates, you’re not just prepared; you’re propelled into action.

Begin your lucrative venture into the customizable digital animated invite and announcement niche today.

Let’s craft unforgettable invitations that mark life’s special moments with joy, creativity, and personal flair.

$481 Value

Only $147

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Let's see what's inside the course, shall we?

  • Module 1: Why Sell Customizable Digital Announcements and Invites?
    Find out how lucrative this niche is!
  • Module 2: How to Research Best-Selling Niches
    Which niche of invites and announcements are selling the best?
  • Module 3: How to create digital animated custom invitations in Canva
    Three Step-by-step videos on how to create your invite, animate it, get it ready for sale, create a video tutorial, and make it customizable for your customers using Canva!
  • Module 4: How to create digital animated custom announcements in Canva
    Three Step-by-step videos on how to create your announcement, animate it, create a video tutorial, get it ready for sale, and make it customizable for your customers using Canva! Includes a multi frame one!
  • Module 5: How to list your digital animated custom templates
    See how to create a mockup in Canva, an instructional video in Loom, and list your product on Etsy!
  • Module 6: How to promote your animated custom templates
    My organic product promotion secrets are revealed! No ads needed!
  • Module 7: BONUSES
    You get all six DFY customizable animated digital templates, an Easter invite bonus training with DFY Canva template, How to Create Smartphone Digital Planners with DFY Canva Template, and a $20 off coupon for PLR!

You get Training and Nine BONUSES!

  • Dynamic Designs Course ($147 value)
  • BONUS: Wedding Shower Invite Customizable Animated Canva Templates with commercial use ($20 value)
  • BONUS: Kid's Birthday Invite Customizable Animated Canva Templates with commercial use ($20 value)
  • BONUS: Baby Announcement Customizable Animated Canva Templates with commercial use ($20 value)
  • BONUS: Birthday Brunch Invite Customizable Animated Canva Templates with commercial use ($20 value)
  • BONUS: Funeral Announcement Customizable Animated Canva Templates with commercial use ($20 value)
  • BONUS: Graduation Announcement Customizable Animated Canva Templates with commercial use ($20 value)
  • BONUS: How to Create Smartphone Digital Planners and DFY Canva Template ($97 Value)
  • BONUS: Easter Customizable Canva Templates with Bonus Training Video on creating in Canva and Midjourney ($97 value)
  • BONUS: $20 off coupon for PLR on ($20 value)

What are you waiting for?

$481 Value

Only $147

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Hi, I'm Becky

I'm a mom of a wonderful 8-year-old boy and a million-dollar digital products seller.

It is my passion to help other people build their own 6-figure and beyond businesses.

My online businesses are,,, and

For 20 years, I worked as a UX and product designer for various Fortune 500 companies such as Verizon and American Airlines.

Now, it is my turn to help YOU in your business!

In September of 2021, I was able to quit my job as a Senior UX Designer and run my business full-time! I'm so thrilled to help you in your quest to be a successful digital products business owner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't afford this training!

Your actual statement should be, "How can I afford not to take this training?". Customizable Digital Animated Invites and Announcements are an in-demand, yet unsaturated niche.

What else do I get?

You get the course slides, 6 DFY templates, and a $20 off coupon for PLR on PLR Beach

Do you offer refunds?

No refunds will be given since this is a digital course that can't be returned. You also get an instantly delivered BONUSES that you can't return too.

I don't have time for this training!

You can watch this training on your own time since it is recorded. You get lifetime access, and there is no date when you have to finish.

Can I resell this training?

This training is personal-use only and can't be resold as PLR or commercial-use.

I have another question!

Please email me at and I will get back with you within 24 hours.

$481 Value

Only $147

No refund policy: No refunds will be given as this is a digital course and sellable templates that can't be returned!

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